ABCD Of Real Estate Post Corona

Ananta Raghuvanshi(Founder & President, Naredco Mahi) - March 28, 2021 - - 0 |
ABCD Of Real Estate Post Corona

Much Needed!

ABCD Of Real Estate Post Corona

Sit 20; We Hit 21.

The reality is that the road from ‘ Location 2019 ‘ to ‘ Destination 2021’, goes via ‘ Route 2020 ‘.

This route 2020-21 was all through marked with signboards shouting

‘ work in progress ‘ ,

‘ accident-prone area’ ,

‘ under construction’,

‘ Detour ahead’ ,

‘ Road cave in’ etc .

Having reached our destination with new learnings and competencies acquired, it seems like a miraculous adrenaline adventure. Certainly, Realty was affected by the long-tailed Pandemic too.

The ABCD of cruising through the meandering, off-road, dirt route was simple.

A. Accelerate relationships: Channel expansion, Stakeholder engagement, employee confidence, Customer faith, prospective ease of visits, Resident safety, and support.

B. Brake on unnecessary expenses: Any new expenditure which did not translate into revenue generation needs to be avoided. All old trends to be revisited and updated.

C. Clutch on Communication: Updates, relevant information sharing, digital marketing, online interactions.

D. Drive data

Re-connect with all who have shown interest to conclude with positive closure. Data analytics and research for future planning. Assist financially by creating customized bridges.

Making each day count and taking decisions as per the need of that day, ensuring an almost happy ending in 2020 -21.

Like all new beginnings, 2021-22 brings hope and faith.

  1. Residential: Luxury ready to move will continue to have high interest since serious buyers feel extra space and quality. Dwarka Expressway is a new upcoming growth corridor with hope for a price increase too.
  2. Residential: Plots as part of a township are a popular category, especially in Gurgaon with additional FAR and the possibility of floors. Low rise floors, bungalows, Villas remain attractive with lifts and a/c.
  3. Retail: Retail, entertainment, and hospitality will hopefully bounce back post-vaccine.
  4. Commercial: Offices will see stability as back to the office, and hybrid Work from home becomes a norm.

In addition to a new home purchase, up-gradation, re-modeling, etc., home renovation businesses will also thrive.

2021-22 may witness a lot of new product launches. This year will unleash great products designed meticulously in new growth markets.

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