About Torbit

What is Torbit

TORBIT is your real estate Genie. Think Real Estate, Think TORBIT

TORBIT is consolidating the best of knowledge in real estate from the very accomplished people in the industry and creating a pool of credible content. TORBIT is your mascot to help you navigate through the roads of investment to making your real estate purchase. TORBIT is like a torch that shows the clear path for the developer to the financial institution to the customer and the intermediates. TORBIT will act as a service provider for all your real estate needs be it buying – selling, legal paperwork, financing, regulatory and compliance services, RERA services, and others

TORBIT is a watchdog keeping itself fully abreast of the day to day happenings in the real estate domain and publishing the latest so that you don’t miss the opportunity. TORBIT is your real estate handle.

Why Torbit

Working with an aim to provide genuine advice related to the real estate industry, Torbit offers a full range of real estate consulting to home buyers, corporates, real estate agents.

  • Nearly two decades of rich industry expertise
  • Unparalleled depth in the real estate industry
  • Result-oriented advice to clients
  • Value-centric approach to consulting
  • An extensive pool of industry experts
  • Multiple channels to learn industry best practices
  • Covering residential and commercial construction

Our Mission

TORBIT is on a mission to provide audited data and knowledge on the table for various stakeholders in the real estate industry. TORBIT is on a mission to be a one-stop solution for your real estate needs.

Our Vision

To become a timeless organization that will keep adding credible knowledge and data for consumption of real estate industry & professionals. To be a part of every home & every home buyer