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The Policy makers are at the center of the real estate industry as the planning of development of a region is governed by them

Together with planning the most important factor is the adherence to timelines 1.Timely set up of physical infrastructure 2.Timely allotment of land for industrialization and business set up

3.Timely set up of social infrastructure for human resource set up ; and Above all the AUDIT of above

Step Wise Description :-

1. State Govt are bestowed with the responsibility of enhancing the economy of the state thereby meaning creating an ecosystem of helping industry grow which leads to employment , revenue generation

2. Town & Country Planning (T&CP) department is responsible to master plan a region based on govt policies which attract investors – industrialists to create a business enterprise . T&CP dedicates zones as industrial , residential , commercial , institutional etc . Important is that when industrial or commercial zones are demarcated the govt and policy holders should ensure that physical infrastructure viz Roads , Electricity , Sewer , Water etc are set before even the first industrial establishment is allowed to venture in .

Various funding models for developing physical infrastructure can be made like BOT (Build Operate Transfer ), PPP (Public Private Partnership) and others . This way Govt does not have to spend from pocket and yet be able to create physical infrastructure . The other advantage is that once the physical infrastructure is made and land is allocated for industrial development the time gap of commissioning is reduced and hence the finance deployment for establishing the enterprise to it becoming productive is reduced . The businesses are more feasible and attractive .

3. Next is the set up of human resource ecosystem and addressing there needs of food , shelter and social infrastructure like schools , hospitals , malls and retail shopping , police station , post office etc Housing is a very important factor and the authority must study the population growth of the area thereby studying the extended demand because of industrialization and migration and basis that size the residential zone to allot to developers for construction If the physical infrastructure is established the industrialization and business ecosystem are set the housing will be very meaningful and the financial institutions will be safe funding to developer and consumer and the chances of default at both ends will more or less be removed .

While above is the theoretical way of the development of area . There are some more key observations :

a. T&CP must ensure that when zoning is done and land is made available for industrial , commercial , residential zones certain permissions should be a part of the land allotment and a duplicate requirement should not stand as a hurdle in time to the process of development like mining permission , environment clearance , height restrictions and others . As many clearance that can be made available should be a part of the deal Single window clearance is a much sought of demand .

b. Time bound completion in terms of business establishments should be mandatory We all know housing and commercial activities follow business and job creation . hence it should be mandatory people buying land for industrialization should set up businesses in stipulated time.

Must praise the concept of SMART CITY

Migration into metros from rural area for search of employment , education , health care over the years has stressed the physical infrastructure of Metros and hence the concept of SMART CITY is much warranted

If we can have Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities converted into model townships with : Clean Water , Clean Air , Good Roads , Sewage Disposable System , Uninterrupted Power , Good Telecom and Internet Infrastructure , Established Transportation System , Health Care & Education then industrialist will not be required to buy expensive land in metros for business growth and there will be homogeneous growth in economy .

I am sure the Govt & Policy holders are working hard to see the first trench of 100 smart cities set

In above note I have tried to put my thoughts towards BEST PRACTICES for development of a region .

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