Yes , I am MARRIED .

[I have experienced marriage for 24 years now and must say it is quite an fulfilling experience for ME . I will not be wrong in saying that pre-marriage and post marriage thought process is completely different for both husband and wife . It is only when you are in the relationship do you realize that the relationship requires a wholistic approach rather than individual wish list being fulfilled . During the course of 24 years I also saw various emotions move sometimes into a high and then sometimes into a low but overall life is good ]

What truly is Marriage ?

Is it a physical bond , bond of two souls , bond because of need bond because of the society , bond because of fashion ……?


Different people express it differently -> some say it is one of the most celebrated human bond between a man and a women , some say it is one of the milestones in journey of life without which the life is incomplete and the experience hollow , some classify marriage as a pious bond . Marriage truly binds body and soul and completes the need of companionship – togetherness .


Solemnizing Marriage

Any Region : Any Religion , Any Cast : Any Creed the ceremony may be dealt differently viz the solemnizing of the relationship in the Church with the Father reading the BIBLE , in Gurdwara Sahab reading the Guru Granth Sahab , in Masjid reading the Nikaha Nama , in Temple reading Mantras or in other formats all lead to -> bonding of man with woman of one cast , color , creed , religion , background with the same or other .


Ultimately Marriage is a commitment made between a man and a women to stand by each other till eternity .Commitment not only to stand by each other but also to understand each other ,understand each one’s need physical , social , psychological.

Marriage requires jointly planning the life ahead (family planning), making each party to all decision making so far as family is concerned .


Sharing , Communicating , Trusting makes the bond stronger . All make mistakes – forgiveness is an important virtue which both husband and wife should consider at such times .

Love , Emotion , Compassion , Empathy all are important ingredients of a fulfilling marriage .

Marriage is a responsibility – responsibility not only between husband and wife , not only between families of husband and wife not also towards extending the family but also towards contributing to the society in creating a harmonious social environment


Every married couple have their own experience their own story . Some have painful tales to tell and some have joyful stories to narrate . For some marriage was an event planned by their parents and for some it was a long relationship which eventuated into marriage .

Marriage is Divine , Marriage is Destined .

[Young age marriage , Late marriage . Marriage within community : Marriage outside community Inter cast Marriage Arranged Marriage – Love Marriage – Love but Arranged Marriage Widow Marriage Live in relationship but no marriage & now Same Sex Marriage ] some of the formats of marriage

(I have written the above short note on what I understand on “Marriage” . You may like it or you may not , we can agree or agree to disagree . These are my personal thoughts )

Will write on Husband and Wife Relationship Next ………..

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