Inner Voice

Do not blame the skill set - The talent of the team member for under performance , Most of the time It is the inability of the leader that is responsible for the failure . The general of the Army , The captain of the football team , The CEO of the organisation (and so on) .... these are the people who are responsible for finding the winning formula - keeping people together & obviously motivating the team to a level that they perform 101 % .
October 31st, 2020
Service & Sacrifice are two such virtues which separate you from the crowd, Service to humanity , to nation , to the flora and fauna gifted by nature, Sacrifice for the underprivileged , for religion , for saving a relationship . Let’s fold our hands this morning and thank the almighty for giving us the form and shape in which we exist and giving us - the ability to serve - the ability to sacrifice .
October 30th, 2020
Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Mil Kar Sath Chalen - Ek Duje Ka Hath Pakad Kar Sath Chalen Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Mil Kar Sath Baden - Sath Fulen Sath Falen Akele Aye Akele Jayenge Rasta To Kum Se Kum Sath Kate . Har Din Ik Yadgaar - Laye Dher Sara Pyaar Na Teri Na Meri, Kamyaabi Ho Humari Har Mushkil Ho Aasan Jab Hum Sab Mil Kar Sath Chalen - Sath Baden - Sath Fulen Falen . Chalo Chalo Chalo Chalo Mil Kar Sath Chalen ...
October 29th, 2020
The child in me - don’t leave me alone - I miss you , I miss my childhood . I still remember playing Stapu , Chupan Chupayi , Langdi Taang. I miss eating that orange bar , I miss being scolded carrying a muddy shirt back home from school with my nose flowing and tears in my eyes because somebody had bullied me . The child in me don’t leave me alone . I miss the carefree life when I did not have to worry about daily life responsibilities and stress - tension were French words to me . I miss the umbrella of protection of my parents my elder siblings when I committed even the silliest of mistakes . No success , No accomplishment , No luxury , No name - No fame will ever be able to wash away memories of my most precious childhood . The child in me don’t leave me alone .
October 28th, 2020
We all want “ MORE “ in our Lives - More Success , More Recognition More Friends , More Laughter More Love , More Acceptance More Wealth , More Luxuries More Freedom , More Ears To Listen To More Years Less Disease ... Who will take Less , Why Should It Not Be Me Why Am I So Special What Am I Ready To Sacrifice For “ More “ Why Can’t I Accept Equality , See Every One Prosperous - Content - Happy Why Can’t I Contribute - Distribute - Share “ More “ With Humanity . Just A Thought ...
October 27th, 2020
Reward Risk . Reward Risk . Risk . Risk Choose your category The first one is for the lazy - satisfied - complacent The second for cautious but willing to try . Third One for the brave - the go getter who do not worry about success or failure but want to create a mark . Choose your category ...
October 26th, 2020
Word “TOGETHERNESS” is very loosely used these days to demonstrate UNITY Team Meets Talk : “Togetherness” Friends Talk : “ Togetherness” Marriage Anniversary Greetings “ Togetherness “ Togetherness has lost it's worth it’s value Let’s replace it with You & Me or Me & You Let’s simply understand each other , respect each other , love each other (This one dedicated to my wife Kavita for standing with me in all times - good and tough - for 25 years (and counting...) from 25th Oct 1995 to 25th Oct 2020 . Kavita : You & Me together - forever) .
October 25th, 2020
Do it now . Do it today . Just do it and make your way Doubts are legacy of the insecure It is better to fail by trying to follow your conviction and making headway rather than sitting in Kocoon of security and passing this lifetime meaninglessly Success is not measure of amplitude of gains it is all about beating THE DOUBT the only hurdle between you and your conviction .
October 24th, 2020
Your Life . Your Canvas . Your Painting. You Chose The Brush , You Chose The Colours Pink - Lemon - Sky blue Or Black - Magenta - Red Why should YOU care whether somebody admires your painting or just trashes it away After all , it is Your Life . Your Canvas . Your Painting
October 23rd, 2020
Don’t Laugh At Him For You Know Whatever He Is Talking From That Podium Is All Crap - Nonsense Don’t Be Amused By His Thoughts Because He Is Not An Intellectual As He Pretends To Be Don’t Be Surprised By His Actions For They Have Inherent Intention To Harm The Society - The Friends - The Family There Were Those Ravana In Satyug Followed By Duryodhana In Davaparyug Hence There Has To Be Someone In Kalyug With The Same Character . You Should Walk Away From Such People As Far As You Can - Put A Big Cross To Never Come Across Them Only Then Will You Find Ram Or Krishan Or Unknown People With Incredible Values To Bail You Out Of Inhumanity Into The World Of Peace - Joy - Contentment
October 22nd, 2020
May 14th, 2020
For people with Self Respect Dejection , Humiliation and Isolation works as “ INSPIRATION “ . They take it as a CHALLENGE and make it “ BIG IN LIFE “
April 1st, 2020
Journey of “ COMMON MAN ——-> RICH MAN “ You need to have Will Power courage Attitude Focus Ambition Ability to face and handle hardships Ability to stand up as many times as you fall down Ability to live without any insecurity (bindaas) ..... Any COMMON MAN could stand as a Super Successful “RICH MAN “one day .
March 14th, 2020
“ Self Confidence “and of course your“ Self Respect “ “ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF - MY FRIEND “ We are Humans .....We will make Mistakes Practice FORGIVENESS at your LEVEL so that when needed ALMIGHTY can forgive you for your mistakes . “ DO NOT WORRY “
February 1st, 2020
People make “ ORGANIZATION “ “ ORGANIZATION “ is made by people It is the quality of the PEOPLE which reflect the CHARACTER of the “ ORGANIZATION “
January 1st, 2020