There has been a frenzy at upgrading, renovating, decluttering, and modernizing homes. This excitement of having better homes has led to great home sales in August - September 2020. The preference being ready to move, with a WFH study/ utility room. We hope the trend continues in the new growth corridors like the Dwarka Expressway DWEX. This triggered the idea of sharing with you what to watch out for when you take possession of your hard-earned and immensely loved new dream home. Saavdhaan, your Dhan needs your Dhyaan!

Suppose the brand raises itself to a level where the customer sees it as a market leader and becomes the first choice. In that case, there is surely a lot that has been invested in creating such credibility by investing in manufacturing and carrying a correct business approach, having a transparent thought process on delivery of the product, quality, and service.

Real Estate development has evolved in our country in the last 70 years with the third most required thing in our country i.e food, cloth, and shelter. This third requirement had given employment to skilled as well as non-skilled workers and had been a major source of employment over the years. There has been a major shift in housing supply from the public sector to the private sector which has been lately named as private developers. One thing is common in both the sectors i.e Architecture and selection of Architects.

Those of us who have been in the real estate business for a long understand how much of a hands-on approach and unwavering focus is required for all facets of operations in every single project. Spreading one-self over several geographies, therefore, requires the organization to be completely driven by systems and processes with operations stream-lined to perfection – this obviously is easier said than done.

The court has taken a great step in ordering the banks and financial institutions to audit books of developers and check the trail of the developer's contribution. Gone are the days when the developer will be able to do a project without his own contribution; “ OWN meaning OWN “ Ah ! at last AUDIT started in this industry which will help all and will bring back security to the customer's money.

Allow me to share with you my own experience of rented versus my own home. I bought my own home 7 years ago after living in rented accommodation and changing 4 houses before buying my own. The mental make-up of a person in a rented house undergoes a change after owning a home. In a rented home, I was tolerant, or worse, careless and lazy about the conditions of the house. It’s leaking taps, wearing paint on the walls, loose hinges of the kitchen cabinets, etc. These things somehow were not my priority but I would wear good clothes and focus on the external display.

As we all are aware that in the current scenario, developers talk & promise utilities, amenities & services (Facilities) that shall be provided in the complex. Accordingly, they plan, design & deliver as well but at the time of managing the show, all these Facilities are handed over to a Facility Management Agency. These Agencies are bound by a flimsy agreement and generally unable to deliver the desired. All the hype & promises that were made by the developers, unfortunately, never get fulfilled and this results in a huge gap and resentments. So just by managing the facilities, we won’t be able to achieve what is desired.

Today’s modern world is primarily crafted by businesses. The economy, the industrialization, the lifestyle, and in fact every aspect of today’s human life is organized through businesses. They manipulate human behavior by treating everybody as a consumer. But this is the first time in the history of the modern world, where the consumers are behaving differently. With this lockdown scenario, the consumers are maintaining a distance from all kinds of businesses. So, what are we forecasting here? Will all the businesses be wrapping up? Will they go into loss-making? Is everyone going to lose his/her job? Well, I don’t think so. However, it will take a lot of time for the businesses to mend their consumers again. But the consumers of the 21stcentury are quite matured, so the enterprises can swim against any tide.