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The Elixir of Honest Earning

” Na biwi badi na bachcha, na baap bada na bhaiya, the whole thing is that ki bhaiya, sabse bada rupaiyah” 

Monday, the beginning of a new week. Let us go to our work place, perform our duty/action and get rewarded. But take care that while performing duty you don’t take to dishonesty, theft and fraud as it will result in disease, sorrow and you will get ruined.

Here is a popular grandmother tale. A Baba Ji (saint) came to a village and sat under a tree. Soon, the news spread that a well known  saint had come to the village. Even the king came to know about this. The villagers made a beeline to see the saint, taking food and gifts for him. A poor worker took dry bread and some water for the saint. The king on the other hand, offered lavish food prepared in his palace to the saint. The saint partook the dry bread offered by the poor worker and did not even touch the golden plate , full of delicious food brought by the king. The surprised king asked the reason for this. Upon this, the saint took worker’s dry bread in one hand and king’s delicious bread in the other hand. He then squeezed these breads. Lo and behold , milk oozed out of worker’s bread while blood came out of king’s bread. Then the saint said, ”  Rev. King, the bread offered by the worker was honestly earned with hard work whereas your bread was out of the earning made through forcible tax collected from worker’s hard earned money.

Friends,  make as much money as you can and fulfill all your wishes but not by causing damage to someone. Not by stealing, cheating or deceiving someone. Don’t hurt anyone to get cursed. The intoxication of money and power has the similar result- the end of one’s happiness and peace. The honestly earned money is an elixir of life, taste it.

” Khoon pasine ki jo milegi to khayenge, nahi to yaron hum bhukhe hi so jayenge”.

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