Torbit 2020 – Will Real Estate Emerge from the Great Global Quarantine?


Torbit 2020 is a major leap forward in contributing towards the building of a Credible Real Estate Industry! Some of the most eminent and respected leaders of the industry have shared their insights herein, with the aim to educate Customers and other Real estate players in the context of the present pandemic situation.



Torbit 2020 – The First Edition Real Estate Book providing deep insights on building a transparent, robust industry, this book offers workable solutions to the situations being faced currently by Consumers, Developers, NBFCs, Policymakers, and the like.

For the Customers / Consumers / Homebuyers:

In a first for the country perhaps, Torbit 2020 gives an insight into how Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Pricing, and the entire gamut work in India.

It is an honest attempt at providing an overview of the market along with very important suggestions and guidance from industry experts, on how to deal with and understand particular situations, and ultimately enable them to make informed and fruitful decisions.

Sanjeev Kathuria especially has shared learnings from his immense real estate experience. He has shared useful strategies and offered guidance and understanding of the market, government policies, and projects so that buyers and investors are not misled. He has also provided his valuable views on Ready to Move vs Under construction property.

Through Torbit 2020 homebuyers/ investors will be able to segregate and select the best of the projects in the market and will be able to identify the finer points which one usually overlooks while selecting a project and be safe with their investments.

Torbit 2020 attempts to throw some light on RERA and enable a better understanding of taking a Home loan, Rent, etc. It has touched upon topics such as the Home Loan paradox, the legal rights of buyers, applying for tax benefits, etc.

For Developers and other Real estate players:

Torbit 2020 provides a proactive outlook on developers and suggests steps and shares its vision on how Real Estate developers should approach their customers, and employees and accordingly take corrective steps to be on track and most importantly HOW TO APPROACH SALES. Torbit 2020 has also thrown some light on how to avoid conventional selling, the role of channel partners, and the importance of Marketing – the main platform to increase Sales. Special inputs on Post Corona Pandemic issues and ways to kickstart business are significant for coming years.
Sanjeev Kathuria has attempted to handhold readers and clarified through his vast experience where newer avenues are available for Developers and Real estate players alike, how to best utilize existing assets, and above all which important policies must be availed.

In a separate chapter on NBFCs and Developers, Torbit 2020 has made plain where the industry went wrong, and what steps need to be followed to get out of that turmoil.

Some of the best practices to be followed by Real Estate players to ensure a dependable, well-founded, professional, and unfailing environment have been shared by top industry experts.

Editor’s Note