Real Estate Painkiller

Sanjeev Kathuria(Founder, Author & CEO at Torbit Consulting) - July 21, 2019 - - 0 |
Real Estate Painkiller

Bouts of Real Estate Good News – Bad news, Bad News – Good News are all around. The consumer is at the centre of all news. The Good News is that Government, Courts, NCLT, IRP, and The Developer itself are all working towards settling the pending issues like deliveries, completing projects, and commitments.

The dust will soon settle and the future of real estate is definitely bright. The important aspect of this whole story is that the wheel must keep moving. This means Sales should keep happening, the customer should keep making pending payments based on the stage of construction (monitor it now) and the developer should keep working on completing the project 24 x 7.

While I did put in my views on how the Buyer should make a buying decision in the previous post, there are some suggestions for the developers on “How The Sales Can Be Increased” to generate healthy revenue. Sales are truly not alone as a commerce subject as there is a lot of science involved. Conventional Selling is not yielding the numbers which the developer wants and hence the pain in the system is increasing.

First of all, let us understand that a few years back real estate was dominated by Regional Players but today we have National Players. How does one compete with the other? I will pen down thoughts which can be beneficial for both.

Secondly, The Channel Partners – Business Partners in a particular geography are the same as all developers. How does the channel partner decide whose product to sell and on the other side, what does the developer do to get the channel partner on his side? (Thoughts will be shared) Thirdly, The Role of the Sales Team: Is it limited to managing a Channel Partner or is there more to it?

How to train the Sales Team for better results? (I will share my experience ) Marketing – The main platform to increase Sales. I have sold more than 10,000 apartments in the last 15 years and have mastered the science and commerce of SALES. I will share experiences that can be used to increase Sales. However, if required I can visit and make a road map for INCREASING SALES.

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