Shopping Malls Vs High Streets

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Globally, malls have emerged as family entertainment and shopping destinations with a confluence of retail categories under one air-conditioned roof. High streets, on the other hand, serve as the core of friendly neighborhood shopping and utilitarian functions. Both these formats have different characteristics and command captive interest from retailers and consumers. There are many differences between the two when it comes to stock availability in the top 8 cities, retailer category comparison, and brand origin comparison.

Apparel and Food & Beverage remain the top two categories in both shopping malls and high streets. In the case of shopping malls, the second position is jointly shared by Entertainment and Food & Beverage, whereas in the case of high streets, the ‘Others’ category emerged as the second favourite along with Food & Beverage, followed by Accessories. The Others category comprises gymnasiums, photo studios, and miscellaneous other retailers that give a sales invoice and create a vast footprint on the modern retail arenas in high streets compared to shopping malls. This category’s share is the second highest in high streets at 18%. However, high streets lack entertainment options, which comprise 2% in comparison to 20% in shopping malls.

Indian high streets occupy only 6% of the total gross leasable area as compared to the shopping mall stock. Yet in terms of efficiency , high streets offer 100% efficiency , compared to 50-60% efficiency of shopping malls, depending on their grade. This is because of high maintenance cost of malls, particularly for common areas , central air-conditioning and escalators .

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