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Sustainability is now a part of our living  switched to sustainable products in the past years. It has made us prioritise the use of natural and renewable resources, instead of creating waste and depleting our natural resources and protecting our future generations. When green buildings are the new norm , how can green washrooms  be behind. Post- Corona when  there  is so much focus on environment -friendliness and health safety, smart washroom solutions is a hot emerging trend. Today, there is  a range of washroom accessories that offer  smart washroom solutions which are not just  environment-friendly  and cost-effective but also ensure health safety .

Sensor Taps

A sensor tap  comes with built-in sensors that allow it to detect motion and when an object appears, like a hand in front of the tap, it automatically lets out the flow of water immediately. They provide the minimal levels of water consumption because they get switched off automatically, in turn reducing water wastage by up to 70%. Additionally, they regulate water at a consistently regulated temperature all year round.

Sensor Operated Bidet

When washing hands using a conventional tap, you must touch it with your dirty hands to turn it on—leaving behind germs, bacteria, and viruses. Automatedsensor operated bidets  controlled by a sensor are therefore a good alternative for making hand washing more hygienic, especially in households where multiple people live. Since the tap is controlled via an infrared sensor, you don’t have to touch it at all and germs and bacteria have less chance of spreading.

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers make hand drying fast and easy. Designed with a high-velocity air stream that completely eliminates water droplets and vapour, they dry hands in seconds. Energy efficient technology makes it the preferred choice. The market offers various models of electric hand dryers such as jet hand dryer, stainless steel hand dryer, metal hand dryer, ABS hand dryer & high speed hand dryers etc. Suitable for hotels, offices, airports, shopping malls, stores and other public places. they help in saving 80% energy vs conventional hand dryers. They keep the environment hygienic and germ free. Moreover, they reduce carbon footprint by 70% in comparison to paper dispensers and save upto Rs 40,000 per  washroom per year vs paper dispensers.

Source : Euronics

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