Star Gazing Your Property Prospects in the Festive Month of October 2022

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Property Prospects

Astrology has been highly instrumental in guiding on property related matters from time immemorial in India – whether it is buying , selling , constructing a property  or house warming (greh pravesh). This ancient Indian science of astrology  helps in not only choosing the auspicious time but also taking  vital decisions pertaining to property ventures, investments and deals. The festive season starting with Navratras , Durga Puja, Diwali and extending up to the New Year is generally considered auspicious for property matters.  This year, the festive month of October will witness four planets changing their signs in the later half – Sun, Venus and Mercury will move to Libra while Mars will enter its enemy sign Gemini. There will be partial solar eclipse (second solar eclipse of the year) on 25 October. These transits in India’s independence chart though indicate somewhat  sluggish period , yet the first half of the month is comparatively better and favourable .

Auspicious Dates:  Keeping in view the planetary positions, the general auspicious dates for purchase of property this month are are  14, 20 and 21 October. One has to wait for favourable  dates for Griha Pravesh..

Individual predictions based on transits of planets with respect to the Moon Sign of the person are given below. To know your Moon sign, see Moon’s position in your horoscope at the time of your birth, which we refer to as natal/ birth Moon (Janma Chandra).

Aries : Saturn , the 10th and 11th lord for Aries moon sign natives – creating Shasha yoga since 12th July is aspecting the 4th house. For past four and half months, Saturn was retrograde resulting in delays in property related matters. Coinciding with this, Jupiter has been aspecting the fourth house since 12th April 2022 and Devguru retrograded since 29th July, leading to delays. However, this month, 14 20 and 21  October are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Taurus : The first half  of the month will be better as compared to second half as fourth lord will be debilitated in sixth house with sixth lord under Rahu/Ketu axis. Some issues may surface in this period.    October 14 is auspicious date for sale/ purchase of property.

Gemini property dealings. People involved in real-estate business will earn profitably and get new projects. October 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Cancer : Ketu is in the fourth house. Fourth lord is debilitated in 3rd house with exalted Mercury and second lord Sun. Since debility of fourth lord is cancelled, things related to property will improve after initial hurdles. Later in the second half  of the month, things will be good. Be vigilant and check everything in detail to avoid being cheated. October 14, 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Leo : Fourth house is aspected by its lord itself making it strong. 4th lord Mars is in 10th house and will move to 11th house in later half. People thinking of renting out their property may go for it as it will  positively add to their earnings through rental. October 14, 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Virgo : Fourth lord Jupiter is in own rashi in 7th house. The 4th and 10th lord connection is good for those in property business  and they will prosper profoundly.  October 14 is auspicious date for sale/ purchase of property.

Libra : Saturn , the fourth lord is in fourth house creating the Shasa mahapurush yoga and now in direct motion after around four and half months indicates that your pending property related matters will move ahead. Mars , the significator of land  will aspect it in the later half , playing a catalytic role in property affairs. October 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Scorpio : Fourth lord Saturn is in third house for Scorpions and Jupiter is in 5th house aspecting exalted 11th lord Mercury. It indicates gains through sale of property. October 14, 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Sagittarius : Jupiter has been here for past several months – a happy position for furtherance in property acquisition. Big home is expected. Two mahapurusha yogas along 4/10 axis have been in place till 26 October. Connection between 10th and 4th lords joined by 9th and 11th lords lead to creating Raja yogas and dhan yogas of first order. Time for flourishing property business. October 14, 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Capricorn : Rahuis  in fourth house and fourth lord Mars is in 5th house in the first half and in 6th house in later half of the month. Debilitated 8th lord will be joining the Rahu/Ketu along 4/10 axis. Lagna lord Saturn aspects 10th house. All these don’t look like an ideal situation for property affairs especially in second half. This month indicates gain of money and property.   October 14 is auspicious date for sale/ purchase of property.

Aquarius :    Fourth  house has Mars in the first half and in the later half after the transition of Mars to Gemini, the fourth house will be in papkartari yoga. Fourth lord Venus is debilitated in eighth house and combust though debilitation is cancelled and the Jupiter aspects it. So, first half may not be that promising in property related matters and there is an element of suddenness attached to it. The second half will be good as fourth lord will be in its own house creating a Rajyoga with Sun.  October 20 and 21  are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Pisces : Fourth lord Mercury is in its exaltation sign where it will stay till 26th October. Sixth lord Sun and debilitated third and eighth lord Venus accompanying Mercury and Guru is aspecting this combination from lagna. In later half of the month, Sun and Venus will move to Libra and Bhumiputra Mars transiting to fourth house and aspecting fourth lord will be good for property matters. Hence, Pisceans who were little concerned for their property in early part of the month may make some positive progress in later half. Fairly good month for people professionally connected with property business. October   14, 20 and 21 are auspicious dates for sale/ purchase of property.

Note: The above predictions, as already stated, are generalized ones. However, the specific predictions for an individual are based on reading of his/her horoscope in totality along with respective divisional charts, dasha operating for a given timeframe (dasha is very important in timing an event) and then taking into considerations the transits of planets.

Siddhartha Mishra is an ardent astrologer with more than a decade of experience in indu astrology. He studied astrology from the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi. He has been practicing astrology with various aspects of individual horoscopy such as education, career, marriage & relationship, children, property & vehicle, matchmaking, acquisition of wealth, health, happiness, foreign travels, legal matters, business and remedies.

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