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Torbit in true sense is a "One Stop Solution" for all your Real Estate requirements, whether its B2B or B2C. The Biggest Strength of Torbit is its understanding of all the intricacies of the Industry & hence best suited to provide the customized solutions basis client's requirements. Who better than Mr. Sanjeev Kathuria, an Industry Veteran, at the helm of Torbit. Wishing Team Torbit the very best for the future.

Sanat Maheshwari
City Head, Magicbricks

I am regularly reading at Torbit and actually amazed at how Industry leaders are contributing their honest views and valuable advice so candidly on this forum. A 'must follow' for everyone as we all are connected to real estate, if not as professionals, but then as buyers and investors. My very best wishes to Mr. Sanjeev Kathuria for even greater success in making this forum a household name the world over.

Ratan Bhullar
Executive Director Classic Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd & Managing Partner Borpathar Tea Co. LLP

Torbit provides one of the best opportunities for professionals to gain, share & spread awareness of knowledge in all aspects of realty construction, purchase or renting options, and need for professional maintenance. With 46 years of experience, I have enriched my knowledge & also shared what I acquired during my professional journey. Print and digital media interviews / Talks of Mr. Sanjeev Kathuria are very informative.

B V Raisinghani
Chartered Mechanical engineer (Torbit Author)

"Real estate industry is enchanting. Never a dull moment. Congratulations on creating a repository of realty information with past, present & future predictions too. This guide will help readers tremendously as the authors are subject matter industry experts. Year 2020 is a wakeup call that Bulls, Bears & Bullion are yesterday's Dinosaurs. Today, Tortoise & Rabbit rule. Save bit by bit. Invest it. Good luck TORBIT !"

DR. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi
Corporate Leader inspiring realty industry for 30 years (Torbit Author)

"I have found Torbit to be a website that raises issues and causes for everyone connected to real estate and associated industries. The content is meaningful, rich, well-intentioned, and value-adding. I wish the team of Torbit the very best and feel that mission Torbit must carry on forever. May they continue to intelligently marry the values of the Tortoise and the Rabbit."

Yadhav Mehra
Chief Facilitator - C-Cube Training & Development (Torbit Author)