TIER II CITIES -The New Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Sanjeev Kathuria(Founder, Author & CEO at Torbit Consulting) - November 15, 2020 - - 0 |
TIER II CITIES -The New Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Like they say, “Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait”, I say, where to buy and when?

Investing in property is the safest investment but there’s always a time and place to invest your money. The price should turn into a value. The money should return with good interest.

Investing in a metropolitan city looks fancy and requires a lot of money. It will surely add value but whether the budget allows and returns would be at their best, is a question to think upon.

Investing your money in second-tier cities is a lot cheaper and comes with a huge amount of returns. The margin of growth is higher since these cities are still developing and have a lot of potentials to enhance upon.

Considering the right time to invest is right now when loans are available at historically low rates with a gap of the last 15 years. With every passing day, the place develops and the scope of growth diminishes.

The initiative undertaken by the prime minister, Sri Narendra Modi under the smart city mission will further develop the connectivity to the tier 2 cities leading to much more value for your investment.

Affordability and a good rate of rental returns are another set of factors that should lead the investors to pump their money in housing and commercial segments in real estate markets of Tier 2 cities.

This deadly pandemic has also made us closer to our roots. The importance of a home is now much more clear than ever before. The incorporation of workspaces in our living areas demands extra space and comfort which eventually further knocks on the doors of bigger houses. But since land is a limited resource, we need to think fast and best. The growing infrastructure and inter-connectivity with tier 2 cities can now make our decisions of investing in real estate more strong. We can have bigger spaces in tier-2 cities with many affordable prices and excellent connectivity to the metropolitan cities.

The never-ending rush, traffic, and pollution can also be avoided through such decisions which are giving us all win-win situations.

Due diligence of property titles and developer’s delivery records indeed should be taken more care of in tier 2 cities, however, proper documentation for the property should solve the ambiguity.

So all in all, the right time to invest in Tier 2 cities is right now!!

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