Together We Rise!

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Together We Rise!

” Ek Akela thak jayega, milkar bojh uthana, saathi haath badhana saathi re”

It is not possible for a single person to develop a high rise building. One needs several additional hands and put in great efforts to accomplish the task.

One can see dreams alone but to fulfill those dreams, multiple persons are required- those who not only believe in that dream but have the passion to work hand in hand with others with a promise that they will not leave before fulfilling the dream.

The biggest of the wars can be won with the vow of ‘One opinion, one consequence’. Building a nation, society and religion is possible only when all have a same opinion and give their collective contribution.

If some religious preacher , leader, entrepreneur , social worker thinks that it is because of him that religion is founded , nation is built, organization or society’s development has happened, it is a sure recipe for disaster for a religion, nation, organization and society.

The families run properly when children, elders and young , together take up the responsibilities of running the household. Not only that, they go beyond doing their own work, helping fellow family members.

Friends, you want to soar high in life, touching the ultimate height of success-sure but remember, in order to reach there, you will need the help of many others. And on reaching that pinnacle of success, don’t forget those who gave you their support to reach at the top. Don’t you ever say that you attained that height in life only with your own hard work. Otherwise, your fall is imminent. And the day you fall, nobody will come forward for your help.

If we collectively pray, God will fulfill the desires of all.

” Hum sab milkar aaye daata tere durbar, jholi bhar do subki tere puran bhandar”.

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