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Sanjeev Kathuria(Founder, Author & CEO at Torbit Consulting) - September 02, 2020 - - 0 |

I join the whole nation in congratulating Shri Narendra Modi Ji on emerging as the undisputed leader of our country INDIA : Salute to you Sir on such a massive mandate


In June 2014 I along with my daughter travelled to Ahmedabad to understand what inspired people of India to mandate Shri Narender Modi to the post of Prime Minister after a successful 15year tenure as Gujrat Chief Minister

My findings: Modi Ji is a peoples man. In his position as CM of Gujrat he worked on Infrastructure, Industry, Elevation of every section of society and creating a safe and secure environment for business and leisure. The woman feels safe in Gujrat. I spoke to different people starting from a auto driver to a hotel staff to a student and an industrialist everybody had happy stories. Is this India, I thought?

I got my answer: People mandated Modi Ji to be PM because they believed that he would create similar environment in the nation.

We witnessed his first tenure and surely have happy memories besides small disturbance like demonetization , GST and RERA which truly are a long term winner for our economy .

I am happy Modi Ji is back for 5 years and the good work will continue.

My personal Projections – Predictions of Real Estate in Modi Jis tenure of next 5 years as Prim Minister: –

1. I see massive investment in infrastructure in India in the next 5 years, I read 100 billion dollars ready for investment in infrastructure

2. Modi Ji believes in reasonable profit margins in business little uncommon in real estate industry. I see rationalization in real estate business. Industrialist understand this well. The industrialist in real estate sector will adapt to it comfortably whereas the others will face tough times because their borrowings are at unreasonable rates. However, the choice is limited. Correct your business practices

3. Demonetization , RERA , GST , Benami property law were implemented in Modi Jis tenure 1 . These have helped the industry to be more legitimate. The foreign investors feel confident and safe in investing in Indian real estate. I see strict laws auditing and monitoring real estate industry.

4. There have been massive defaults: In Authority Payments, In Interest Payment to banks, Delivery to the customer and return of funds to financial institutions. Developers will have to address these all. The earlier the better.

5. I don’t see inflation in real estate industry especially in the residential sector. Prices will move based on the demand and supply situation but no more than 10-12 % best case

6. The most positive prediction for the sector is that with the business confidence intact and stability ensured transactions will happen aggressively. Modi Ji will work on employment and growth since the industry structure was set in Tenure 1 . All this will inspire the buyer to take decisions. Sales are going to be robust here on.

7. Lastly there is a liquidity crisis in the system because of defaults at NBFC and some banking-financial institutions. This will be addressed soon and money will be available for the developer and the consumer.

Overall a very positive phase of real estate industry has begun. There is no looking back now.


remember Modi Ji had said that industry must get CREDIBILTY first

Let all stake holders pledge to contribute in building A CREDIBLE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY ….

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