Torbit Realty News: India’s First Real Estate News Platform

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Torbit Realty News: India's First Real Estate News Platform

“A look at the journey of TRN before its worldwide launch”

The Birth

Before Christmas of 2020, on a nippy Bangalore evening, I got a call from Sanjeev Kathuria, the man behind Torbit consulting and authority in the Indian real estate sector. He suggested that there’s a definite need for media properties in the industry that can provide credible information to all the stakeholders and the general public about the industry’s happenings.

I found it very strange, to say the least, that an industry of such size and magnitude has a shortage of media properties. Well, the realty was indeed surprising. Industry expected to have a market size of 1 trillion dollars by 2030 doesn’t have enough media presence. Surely an anomaly.

That’s wasn’t the only anomaly I encountered that week. India got bowled out for 36, their lowest ever score in test cricket, earlier that week. India is a financial powerhouse that runs the game globally. However, that financial muscle never translated to domination in the sport—an anomaly corrected after Christmas. An understrength Indian team defeated Australia and emerged as a powerhouse on the field.

That was an inspiration.

At Torbit Consulting, the team sat to develop a credible news product for the industry to correct the anomaly of lack of an authentic industry paper. Within weeks the idea of India’s first Real-estate Newsweekly was born. In the next few months, the idea was nurtured, refined and finally, we came up with” Torbit Realty News ”


What is TRN and its Philosophy?

TRN is a digital newsweekly covering Indian Real Estate Sector every week

TRN is the one-stop-shop for all your informational needs in the Real Estate Sector.

The philosophy behind this product is simple: to provide information that helps make better decisions for everyone involved in the Real Estate Sector and its Consumers.

TRN will cover Market Sentiment, Career opportunities, Investment opportunities, Superstars of the Realty Sector, Technology for the sector, weekly updates, and critical happenings in the industry every week.

Frequency, Editions, Distribution

TRN will come out every Saturday.

It will have four editions covering North, West, East, South of India.

TRN will reach out to 25 to 35 lacs people pan India and 5-10 lacs NRI population across the globe.

TRN will cover all the major cities in India and global cities with a sizable NRI population


Structure of the Torbit Realty News:

Market Sentiment/analysis

The First page will cover the industry sentiment and the most critical story during that week in numbers/graphs. The analysis will be such that it brings out the crux of the matter in a summarized format.

Education/Career tips /Social Media Highlights/Major happenings

The second page will cover the career and education opportunities in the sector. The top institutions will offer educational tips in the country for career enhancement for Professionals working in the real estate sector looking for a career and young people looking to enter one of the economy’s most lucrative sectors.

TRN will have all the highlights from social media for the real estate sector. The significant tweets, the decorated Instagram feeds, and much more.

All the significant events/investments/announcements in the real estate industry in bullet format will be covered for all to consume.

PR/Superstars of the sector

People who have given their all in the industry need to be recognized and celebrated. The time has come for everyone to know the superstars of the industry. Industry stalwarts and professionals behind the dream homes, the beautifully crafted office spaces, the high-rise buildings will be put on page 3 of TRN.

As a media property, it is one of the most critical missions of TRN to highlight the people who have done beautiful things in the sector. One such superstar will be interviewed and highlighted every week.

Public Relations has never been more powerful as it is today in the times of a digitally connected world. Page 3 on TRN is an opportunity for all the real estate corporates to present their perspective on the products they are offering to their client base.

Investment Centre/Financial Products/Equity Market

TRN’s primary focus is to provide valuable insights to the investor community and people who want to buy their dream houses/offices etc. The emphasis will be to give as much credible information as possible to make a decision that provides maximum returns.

TRN will also provide Banks and Financial Corporates an opportunity to explain their real estate products in detail. For readers, this will be a section to look for to get an insight from the experts regarding the best financial products for them to avail themselves.

One of the unique features that TRN will offer is the coverage of Equity Markets. The focus will be on the real estate sector stocks only. TRN will keep an eye on the performance of the sector in the financial markets.

Technology in Real Estate

Technology is the present and future panacea for all ills for humanity. Its role in Real estate in India is going to grow exponentially. TRN will explore how emerging and existing technologies will help you make intelligent choices for your homes and offices. How will technology help in bringing down the costs and other benefits to the industry players.

We l have several technology firms writing about their products which can help the real estate sector reach its potential.

Our Team at TRN will report all the best apps and software related to the Real Estate Sector

Celebrity Homes

Most of us want to peek into the houses of celebrities to find how the rich and the famous live. TRN will give you access. We will explore the celebrity houses, discover what’s inside t and have them talk about it.

TRN will also feature travel properties. We will uncover the hidden gems and other beautiful properties that one can visit throughout the country.

TRN’s Distribution Target


We are reaching out to people in the Real Estate Industry. There will not be a single person who works in Real Estate who will not get a copy of the TRM newsletter. For someone working in the sector, TRN is a must-read.

It covers the industry, in a nutshell, every week. It is the only Newsweekly in the sector, so no one can afford to ignore it. The B2B segment of the Real estate industry will love TRN for its reach. If you want to reach out to the Real Estate Decision-makers, we have got you covered.


TRN will reach out to the drivers of Real Estate demand in the country. Government Employees, Corporate Employees of all sectors, HNI and NRI’s in UK, US, Australia, Canada, Middle East, etc. The realty of economics is simple today. These groups of people are the only ones with the ability to pay for real estate today and in years to come.

As TRN expands its wings, we l reach out to more and more groups of society

TRN –A PR Vehicle for the industry         

There is no realty, and only perceptions are there. Managing your image/perception is the most critical task for any corporate today. If you are in the Real Estate business, it becomes even more important.

For all the customers, real estate is the most critical financial and emotional decision of their life. The only way to be a successful Real Estate corporate in the long run is to have an image that the people can trust.

TRN is a platform that is specifically designed to cater to this need. We are reaching out to the drivers of Real Estate Demand in the country.

Every society has specific trendsetters or people who other people look to follow. We are reaching out to these trendsetters. These are the people whose perception matters the most. They are the creme of society.

TRN allows the Real Estate industry to directly reach out to these people and make an image so credible and robust that your company can build a tremendous revenue pipeline for years to come.

TRN – A VFM Digital Platform reaching premium customers

For an industry facing an unprecedented crisis, TRN could not have come at a better time. We are reaching out to the premium customers of Indian Real Estate worldwide.

Such is the nature of the market that Every advertiser today is dreaming of reaching the targeted customers with the lowest ad rates. Well, TRN is a dream come true for such advertisers.

All Real Estate B2B corporates will fall in love with the product for sure as we are going everywhere you want to go.B2C corporates will have all the serious buyers to target at one place as TRN will be in the inbox of every Indian in or out of the country who can afford to buy properties in these times

TRN is likely to be the most preferred way of reaching out to customers in Indian Real Estate digitally


TRN: Just what the doctor ordered for the Real Estate Industry

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