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Ankit Kansal: Founder and Managing Director Axon Developers

Ankit Kansal: Founder and Managing Director Axon Developers

Q1 How do you look at the trend of brokers taking to  real estate development? What are its pros and cons? What made you don the cap of a developer?  

Entering the real estate development space has been a natural progression for us after becoming one of India’s largest institutional channel partners. Our experience as a brokerage house has been very beneficial as we had deep-knowledge of the entire real estate value chain.  However, while developing Axon, our business objective was not to become one more developer, in a space that was already congested. Rather we want to bring the focus back on healthy communities. Our project revolves around the themes of multi layered social interaction, curated top line amenities, and world-class lifestyle. We are here to bust the norm that real estate is just about profits. While profits are important we wish to cerate state of the art project that will nurture healthy and meaningful living.

Q 2  What made you enter the residential  real estate development business ? What projects have you done so far and what is the launch pipeline? Do you have any focused segment in residential realty and why so ? 

We have ventured into the concept real estates segment in India, which is niche yet a rapidly evolving space. We create state of the art ventures centred around the concept of experiential real estate. No matter our projects are centred around the key themes of rejuvenation, wellness, community style living, and long-term sustainability. In fact, we are pioneers of creating rejuvenation-themed projects that is bringing the highlight back on living in the midst of tranquillity of mother nature. Away from the congested living of Indian metropolis, we wish to build integrated townships which will offer a complete ecosystem to homebuyers and help them work, play, and relax seamlessly. We are working on a 600 acre branded land project The Origin Sasoli, near the MOPA airport Goa. It is biggest land project in India. We are also working on a string of other high profile projects in Uttrakhand, Kudal, Ayodhya, NH-8, etc.

Q3 With the Modi government giving a big policy and capex push to infra connectivity, how do you see the second home markets (particularly luxury homes) in Tier 2-3 cities gaining strength? What are the hot emerging second homes markets?

 Across the length and breadth of India, from the hilly peaks of Himalayan region to the green reserves of Sahyadri, the concept of second homes are picking up fast. From the coastlines to verdant tea gardens of north east, second homes and other related concepts such as retirement villas, rental homes, tea houses, farmhouses, etc. are gaining tremendous popularity. There is a visible attitude shift. From millennial corporate to multi-generational families to new breed of entrepreneurs are now giving a lot of emphasis on wellness, rejuvenation, and long-term healing. This is naturally fuelling demand for second home or holiday home communities not just in picturesque locations but also idyllic backyards in urban peripheries, which can help inhabitants shun congested lives and bond well with nature.

Meanwhile, the infra push by the government is also noteworthy, as it is fuelling demand for second home property on the back of improved accessibility, connectivity, and large-scale employment generation. Through concentrated investments in highways, airports, railway corridors, it is now very convenient to reach picturesque and tranquil destinations. This is further spurring demand for second home assets.

Q4 What is your take on vacation rental space and what new trends and future prospects do you see ? 

The vacation rental space in India is going strength to strength, becoming a complimentary segment to the mainstay hospitality industry. As per our research, the market is presently pegged at USD 330 million but can reach USD 1374 million, growing at a CAGR of 33 percent. Presently there are close to 1150 units (by end of 2023) of vacation rental spaces in India. However, as the market is moving up with a scorching speed, it can soon see up to 3000 new units entering the space in next 5 years.

Tourism is evolving in India and many people now don’t want to stay in a 250 sq ft room in a 5-star hotel. Rather they would prefer a more exclusive private villa, bungalow or a farmhouse with top tier curated facilities.

Q5  Going forward, what are the business expansion/growth plans of Axon Developers ? What markets will you be focusing on?

As a brand Axon is committed to build world class real estate projects that will bring the focus back on holistic living. We will develop second-home communities, holiday home projects, gated villa projects, farm stays, nature stays, etc. We will also mull developing industrial parks, high-end experiential retail projects, mixed real estate projects, etc. Through our projects, we integrate rejuvenation, wellness, and overall comfort & well-being. We are not a purely transaction-focused entity, rather we wish to give heightened experiences.

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