Bing can create an AI image for you: Here's how and everything you can do using it

All the new AI-based capabilities and a Chat feature allow users to ask questions in human-like conversation and get consolidated answers based on internet searches.

While the Chat feature has taken the front seat for the entire new Bing search, the company has also started testing an AI image generator in the Bing Image search section.

The image generator in Bing can create an image, a virtual AI-based image based on the requirements put by users.

Just like the AI-powered Chat feature in the new Bing, Microsoft added AI to image search. So, instead of generating text-based answers, the image generator creates images based on the query.

Bing Image generator is in preview and currently, it lets users put some query in the text box and it generates an image around the query.

The AI image generator will create an image based on the query. You can also ask it to create images in specific designs like the art style, cartoon, neon, etc.