Established Co-Working Players Will Continue to Attract Marquee Occupiers

The Indian co-working industry has been growing by leaps and bounds on the back of a cost-effective offering.

As one of the leading players in this space with 30% absorption happening through co-working space.

Many companies have understood about co-working and now we don’t have to convince why to take co-working instead of traditional space.

According to the industry average, investments in commercial real estate yield a return in the range of 8-11% as against 2-3% returns in residential real estate.

In contrast, BHIVE’s AIF II is helping customers generate double the yield of 20-24% with relatively low investment risks, which is a first in the industry.

AIF II  will offer investors the opportunity to invest in Grade-A premium office spaces and earn attractive returns even with small ticket investments.

Commercial real estate is doing really well. But there are so many segments in commercial real estate be it malls or hotels or office spaces or warehousing.