NAR- India Projects to  Attain Business Worth Rs 1000 Crore

NAR-India [National Association of Realtors India], India’s largest association for realtors has made projections about garnering business worth Rs 1000 crore at its upcoming 15th edition of its Annual Convention NARVIGATE 2023.

Hosted by the Coimbatore Association of Realtors (COAREA) the mega convention is expected to see the participation of 2000 realtors from across India.

Realtors, developers, investors and financial institutions from India and worldwide will network, learn and forge valuable business relationships.

This year NAR-India's objective is to work towards professionalising the brokerage industry and make it a knowledge-based service.

The 18:18:18 digitization initiative will be available for free over the next 12 months for all convention attendees.