New Affordable Housing Policy of Punjab

The Punjab government has  cleared a new Affordable Housing Policy -2023, to provide affordable houses to  the lower middle and lower income strata of society.

According to the approved policy, the minimum area for a plotted colony is fixed at 5 acres while the minimum area required for a group housing project  is now only 2.5 acres.

The maximum plot size  has been fixed up to 150 sq yds and the minimum flat size has been fixed up to 90 sq metres under the policy.

The saleable area has been increased from 62 to 65% of the total project site to provide plots at affordable  rates to the needy.

The minimum area under green cover  has been fixed at 7.5% from 10% of the site area. The minimum width of internal roads will be 30 feet in such projects.

 The Affordable Housing Policy also focuses on speeding up clearances and for that, grant of approvals has been delegated to the Chief Administrator of the Urban Development Authority concerned at the local level.