The next generation of connected IoT

Smarter devices and better standards are driving innovation for a more reliable, intelligent, and sustainable future.

Connected devices have become an expectation: whether at home, or in the office, people rely on smart, interconnected devices and sensors making their lives easier, more productive, & more efficient.

Today, technical advances such as lower power chips, better connectivity, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are unlocking new Internet of Things (IoT) use cases.

By 2030, IoT products and services will create between $5.5 trillion and $12.6 trillion in value.

IoT products, software, hardware, and chip makers will need to collaborate to create new features, products, and innovations and bring them to market faster.

Industry, business, and consumer needs are steering IoT innovation: as technological advances open new use cases, certain key industries are driving the growth in connected devices.

Innovations in the four enabling technologies of IoT—chips, connectivity, security, and artificial intelligence—are driving down costs and leading to better devices.

Smaller, more efficient processors and wireless components will allow connected devices to further penetrate key markets, such as consumer appliances, cars and transportation, manufacturing etc.