Torbit 2022 - Rejuvenated, Responsible & Sustainable Realty

The year 2021 was a year of a realty renaissance when the post-covid gains laid a strong foundation for high real estate growth in 2022.

The market trends like the rise of suburbs and tier 2-3 cities, plotted and mixed-use developments, the revival of luxury housing and growth in the flexible workspace in 2022.

We present Torbit 2022, our yearly handbook on real estate, the third in a series of such publications to educate and empower various stakeholders of the industry including end-users.

A compilation of authoritative and enriched contributions by eminent real estate professionals provides rich insights into the journey of different asset classes during the year.

This year’s theme – ‘Rejuvenated, Responsible & Sustainable Real Estate’  highlights how real estate emerged not only stronger but also as a responsible and sustainable asset class.

Torbit 2022 handbook carries the opinion of top industry professionals about the performance of real estate last year and the outlook for the sector in 2023.

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