What will happen if Donald Trump is arrested?

Donald Trump has flagged that he is about to be arrested in New York in the coming days, ahead of a trial in relation to hush money paid to a former mistress.

There's an indecorous tradition in New York law enforcement called the "perp walk", where high-profile suspects are paraded in front of cameras.

In a perp walk, handcuffed suspects are walked slowly from a police car into the courthouse, while news photographers jostle to snap photos of them.

The New York Times is reporting that Trump is considering whether to smile for the cameras if he is put through a perp walk.

But if he is indicted, Trump will be booked, most likely at the Manhattan district attorney's office.

That means he will be fingerprinted, have his mugshot taken and be read his Miranda rights.

Mugshots in New York state are not allowed to be released, but it is very possible it gets leaked.

Whether Trump is handcuffed will be up to the district attorney's office.