10 Home Building & Renovation Ideas

Mayank Shivam(CEO of IBO Digital) - April 20, 2024 - - 0 |
10 Home Building & Renovation Ideas for 2023

In the last five years, the inclination towards renovating and re-modelling homes has become very prominent. Especially, after COVID 19, there has been both a flux of new home owners as well as home owner remodelling, as the need for customized spaces has increased. In fact, many modern home buyers are opting to build their spaces instead of buying ready to move in apartments.

In 2024, the trend of home building and renovation will continue on an upward trajectory and here are some key trends that will guide consumer behaviour:

  • Multi-functional kitchens: A multipurpose kitchen area will take the place of the conventional kitchen in 2024, which is another current trend in home renovations. A Modern multipurpose kitchens feature rooms specifically designated for cooking, cleaning, storing, and even gathering the family for meals. While keeping your kitchen practical, using hidden storage cabinets can also give it an appealing appearance.
  • Plywood Interiors: Plywood has typically been used to construct furniture. However, plywood has grown and expanded into variety of purposes in contemporary home design and renovation. Plywood has grown to be associated with high-end finishes in today’s home renovation trends. This adaptable material can be used to accent wooden flooring, make false ceilings, and clad walls.
  • Spa-Like Bathrooms: Spa-like bathrooms, which are also among the top home improvement trends for 2024, offer a setting that evokes a luxury spa or a five-star hotel. In this aspect, a wooden finish, contemporary fixtures, subtle hidden lighting, and dimmable lights are some prominent trends. A full-size bathtub can be added to your bathroom to improve the atmosphere. There are specific areas in many bathrooms today where candles, incense, and aromatic oil diffusers of can be kept.
  • Additional Storage Areas: In the majority of Indian families, storage is an integral aspect of daily life. And you will undoubtedly relate to this if you have items that you keep from years ago. Creating additional storage places from a home’s current space is one of the 2024 home renovation trends. There are creative methods to include storage in the most unexpected places in the house. For example, if your property has multiple floors, you can build a storage drawer under each step. Or, you can create more space under your furniture or above doors.
  • Lantern-Style Lighting: Large lights may undoubtedly convey a message.  Without obstructing sightlines, large lantern-style lights can create an impact. These lights will give a trending aesthetic look to the house.
  • Bold Wallpaper: Vibrant wallpaper, at least on one wall, is the way to go after years of hard painting. Wallpaper is far simpler and quicker to install than painting, in addition to being more visually appealing. Any area may benefit from wallpaper, which is a great way to decorate on a budget and display the personality.
  • Creating a Home office: It’s essential to have a specific work location where you can be productive and work without interruptions, as hybrid working has become the trend.
  • Large glass window: Getting bright sunlight in the house has grown popular as it creates more organic lighting, levelling up the vibe of the house. Adding big glass windows can elevate their entire look with bare minimum costs.
  • Choose different type of tiles for every room: The house can be made more artistic by choosing appropriate tiles for each room. The choice of tiles should be made in consideration with the room’s interior. For instance, the smooth appearance of ceramic tiles complements a modern styled house, while the earthy terracotta tiles look fantastic on a rustic or country styled home.
  • Choose good quality and fancy looking appliances: The house should have the electrical appliances that are fancy looking and which goes along with the interiors. People notice appliances like television and refrigerator which take huge space in the house. Therefore, it appears fashionable when they are opulent in appearance and complement the furniture and wall colours.

We spend the most of our time at home. Therefore, it’s crucial that we maintain the home by constantly making improvements to make it stylish and appealing. With these cost-effective suggestions, you can create a new aesthetic appeal for your homes.

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