A Viewpoint on Luxury Experiences

Yukti Nagpal(Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Homz) - May 02, 2021 - - 0 |
luxury is peace and serenity

I believe that everything is linked to time and we cannot buy time!

So, the decisions related to balancing work and life are crucial to me as time is luxury, for me.

Luxuriousness to me is also waking up in the morning to find that I am not bound by any limits of time. My sense of affulence demands that I am not really governed by any rules of society. I make my own rules and regulations. The highest standards that I set for myself, and continuously work on them, that’s milk and honey for me.

As I enjoy a good long drive in my own company among many other things that I do in seclusion, I feel the richness of solitude is the biggest comfort that inspires me. The quality time with oneself, introspection makes me stride forward with resilience. It’s one gateway to a happier life which only a few experiences in their lifetime.

A dinner table chatter is truly leisure for me, where my entire family gathers together. That is one thing I don’t want to trade-off with any other expensive materialistic things in life. Living life on my terms is a luxury, being responsible for my decisions, owning up to my actions, and making difference in my life and the people around me is what I find to be luxurious.

Perhaps the greatest things that constitute bliss for me are beyond any expensive things that money can buy, like a fresh breeze, walking in the grass, listening to music, enjoying my cup of coffee or late-night ice cream. Truest comfort for me lies in rediscovering the simple joys of life which would otherwise go unseen and being content in life.

Luxury is rather convenient; it is something that makes your life easy every step of the way. It has value and can be shared with others. Luxury is what you pride in, it’s a possession yet something that sets you free. It is what makes me feel better about myself. It is liberating.

Luxury is emotional, and it runs deep. So, if someone in the future asks your perspective on the multifaceted concept i.e., luxury, you must first go deep into your soul and ask yourself what is it that you consider a luxury? I’m sure it will transcend commodities and reach a feeling that gives you peace and the desire to feel it endlessly.

Summing up, time one devotes to oneself is a luxury for all the professionals out there. It could constitute a break from the chaos, a feeling of liberation, enjoying the minutest things in life and the like.

From a holistic perspective, luxury is peace and serenity.

Luxury means different things to different people. Moreover, this altered reality, the new normal, has given rise to a new wave of luxury. It is a personal, subjective thing and I’m going to share a candid perspective of what it means to me.

I believe experiences that have the potential to enhance and transform our lives are harder to commodify, and therefore far superior and authentic a luxury for me.  The big milestones in life are not related to any object but experiences, and luxury has become synonymous with it.

In contemporary times, time with a capital T has become a new face of luxury: the time that I can make for my loved ones, my family, my dog after fulfilling my duties as a businesswoman.

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