Idiot Box Advertising

Ananta Raghuvanshi(Founder & President, Naredco Mahi) - May 22, 2022 - - 0 |
Idiot Box Advertising

As most realtors will know, we don’t watch television much, except maybe news. Yes, paucity of time and attention span limitations too. Besides, real estate doesn’t use this medium to promote end products.

Building materials as a product category are very well represented but ultimately it’s the point of purchase which effectively manages the moment of truth, from cement to steel to paints to plywood to laminates to tiles to sanitary fittings and the list goes on. Budget, colours, delivery, schedules and availability are influencers too. Recently I enjoyed an ad on TV, a Tiger and steel association accompanied by the dominating presence of a Bollywood Superstar. Pleasant but just wondering about the message, home vs zoo vs jungle, or strength and agility? Packing in all!

Last night, I watched ‘Hey Sinamika‘ on Netflix, and what stayed with me was feel more and speak more. Make it work.Yes, make life. Do your bit. The POP ad on a food truck with a visual of a hen serving chicken is highlighted in a particular scene in the flick. The protagonist who’s an RJ cum Homemaker pointed it out as insensitive, and quietly the board was replaced. This hour I am determined towards doing just that. Interesting and worth mentioning is the fact that the residence address of the condominium of the Heroine, was mentioned clearly, more than once. This was also the case in the series‘Decoupled’. Realty is making the right noises. Brilliant.

So, while painters are merrily painting room after room in our gharonda, I decided to take a much-needed ad break. Couch potato for a change with a Fancy Nestasia plate full of ice cream and fresh fruit. Quite refreshing to say the least. Luxury means different things to different people. However, post Pandemic it means a happy and comfortable home full of good health and joy only.

Channel hopping and then channel stopping.  Summers are for travelling, observing and expressing. I am static but not ecstatic.

Ad one says toffee caramel, oh so smooth. I almost missed the brand, but caught the product just in time. Then, a very fit looking Manoj Vajpayee and dashing Anil Kapoor’s still image shot, and voice over of a pain-relieving oil. Then a bride saying she’s always ready, what a pity. How many marriages or how long is her wait, I wonder ! Mention of Einstein and Bruce Lee for a simple invertor, with the most basic technology. God save us.  Oh and cottage cheese based alphabets from a child  for a non paneer, just masala ad. Would they lose out on non paneer lovers ? The helpless school Principal trying his best to look like a masaldani. And yes, even more fun, a cooking oil brand with mustard as primary ingredient, named after energetic Peacock.Josh, have a heart! Needless to say, a Super gorgeous Bollywood Diva dressed as it to attend a wedding, is telling us the features. How will the bottle with its proud label look in your fancy modular kitchen. Ultimate, a hubby gifting his wife life insurance on her birthday. Is he gifting himself? Does this qualify as ground for divorce? Are wives idiotic. Maybe I am over analysing I tell myself. I want to focus on the ice-cream but the ads do not let me.

I am convinced that the maximum profits are in the inner wear segment, otherwise every single advertisement wouldn’t be of A Grade celebrities advertising ordinary inner wear.  Almost every star is flaunting brands which they probably, will never wear. And awkward poses to prove it’s comfy. Is it so tough to find comfy?

By the way, what’s your opinion of a bunch of villains promoting an app which does something good for you, sorry I couldn’t grasp what it does. I mean the app. Few other app ads leave most senior citizens wondering too. What are we supposed to do and why?

Our NRI visitors would probably think muscle aches, hair fall and bad skin are the primary categories and mass concern products. There’s an overdose of these, and probably leading to viewer fatigue.

CMO’s know best.
Spring cleaning of content definitely leads to a better harvest. Interestingly, fan, a/c, pharma, education, most masalas, car, dental hygiene and ice cream ads are mostly on point.

#Please stay thanda thanda cool cool. Dump the RO, use filter and save water.

Well, I will totally refrain from realty advertising reviews. “Kyunki, Har Ek dost zaroori hota hai.”

Happy Networking.
Happy selling.
Happy Ram Navami.

Author : Dr Ananta S Raghuvanshi
President Elect, NAREDCO MAHI

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