Influence of Architectural Designs on Luxury Real Estate

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Neeraj K Mishra, Executive Director, Ganga Realty

Biophilic architectural designs are gaining popularity in luxury real estate that epouses the creation of a pure and inhabitable residential ecosystem that promotes sustainability and increases the closeness of humans with natural elements.

The interlinkage of luxury real estate with fascinating and eye-pleasing aesthetic designs, structures, and interiors forms simply the core definition of luxury homes.  The use of high-quality materials, functional building designs, efficacy, and landmark architectural output  today holds great appeal for the buyers of luxury homes.New architectural styles have  emerged on the scenario. There is also a resounding shift here. Architectural designs that enhance the green footprints of luxury projects are in high demand rather than the ones that merely create a visual spectacle. For example, Biophilic architectural designs are also gaining steam in the luxury real estate context. It espouses the creation of a ‘pure and inhabitable residential ecosystem’ that promotes sustainability, increases the closeness of humans with natural elements, and advances the idea of a good equitable living environment.

Basically, these are organic architectural landscape plans implemented to bring humans and nature closer to one another through direct and indirect experience. Under this, the scope of human exposure to sunlight, water, air, plants, etc. is expanded to create a refreshing experience for residents. It has boundless health benefits such as increased productivity, massive reductions in stress and anxiety levels, lower pollution and noise, and cleaner air. It also has a positive impact on human minds by improving overall well-being and boosting efficiency and creativity.  It advocates a nature-human congruency which also leads to many physical, social, and psychological advantages for people who invest in such kinds of luxury projects.

Biophilic Designs include the construction of skylights, atriums, clerestories, aquariums, fountains, and small water bodies in open spaces, community clubs, gardens, and lawns. It is done to increase the direct experience of humans with nature. There are indirect means as well. Evocative natural themes such as the use of earthy colors for wall paintings, natural image portraits, sculptures, and interiors are also beneficial methods in which one can use nature indirectly to positively influence people’s energy fields and thought processes.

The influence of architectural designs on luxury real estate is paramount. However, modern times call for progressions in ideas. Nowadays, luxury projects are judged on the basis of how eco-friendly they are. Therefore, developers are employing solar energy panels, noise-less construction types of equipment, and promoting the usage of 3-Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) to ramp up the eco-friendly quotient of their luxury projects. Luxury has become synonymous with the idea of adopting modern-day construction technology to increase the saleability of housing units. Gurugram has seen the most transformative evolution of luxury housing. Home wellness features, interiors, and architectural designs are hugely appreciated.

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