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There used to be a time when many developers were hell-bent on buying up as many Bollywood stars, who have more time on their hands than films, to come and become ‘brand ambassadors’ for their projects. Apart from being eye-ball magnets at launch parties for uncontrollable crowds of inebriated brokers and media-hungry models on their advertisement, they were not much more. After all, which buyers, in their senses would ever imagine that Sharukh Khan, was ever in their wildest dreams, going to be their neighbor at the back of beyond, in a 2 BHK flat at the east of East Delhi! Yes, I believe the crores of rupees were lavished on such occasions. Many ‘has been’ stars have lived to regret it. Some international tennis stars have been known to sue the delinquent developers. Thankfully, those days are over! Even celebrities are now pretty careful as to which project, for whom they agree to become a brand ambassador. They have burnt their fingers and other edifices in the past, fit, and proper.

Nowadays, a slice of life endorsement is in vogue, and rightly so, a person who has actually experienced the project first-hand is far more credible than a super celebrity who has in all probability never ever seen the project.

Taking matters further in the digital age, the real relevant brand influencers have become the darlings of the net, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Indeed, you may not even recognize the influencers at play but remain suitably influenced directly or even subliminally!

The influencer marketing platforms on the internet have become quite professional, really with the rise of bloggers and Instagram stars’ reach over target customers has become rather focused and fitted with readymade engagement scenarios.

Not only do you get exposure but a sort of endorsement that mere advertisements cannot easily provide.

This type of marketing technique has proven to create quite a big impact!

Moreover, micro-influences (i.e. around 10,000 followers) are sometimes more effective than the so-called ‘net stars. Macro-influencers (i.e. 100,000+) Some of the well-established platforms like “Meetup, Fame bit, ‘Grapevine’ ‘Shout Cart’ and ‘Whalar’. I say this to you, and yet in my heart of hearts, I do not have full faith in the persuasion power of macro-influencers. Yes, these platforms will allow developers to reach a wide universe of potential customers, but I am not sure that the target audience would honestly believe in the position taken by their joint fan-clubs.

But here lies the skill of digital marketing experts. It becomes pertinent to search and hunt for groups of individuals who have a circle of friends and followers who look forward to their opinions and experience with many diverse things in their lives.

So, if Ms. Nooren Dunn, the well-known home-chef, who has become quite famous for high-end Italian cuisine, and has been known for catering to the most exclusive parties of the rich and famous, comes right out and shares her wonderful experience at the terrace of ‘Sky Villas Penthouse’ by ‘CBCDV Developers’ Then be assured that at least 10,000 followers would have been very positively influenced by that real estate developer’s property!

Well, that is how it works. Influencer marketing is here to stay.

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