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Torbit Property

Two years back when we launched Torbit Realty, we took it as a mission to enlighten and empower real estate stakeholders, by providing rich, authentic, up-to-date, insightful, and well-analysed content for the overall promotion and growth of the industry. Looking back at our successful journey, we can say with pride that Torbit Realty as a knowledge bank of real estate, has gained tremendous love and respect of the industry by fulfilling the needs of different stakeholders.

Not resting on our past laurels, we are determined to march ahead with double vigour, bringing double delight to our readers as we launch the Hindi edition of Torbit Realty. The new Hindi monthly – Torbit Property, like our English publication, will be consumer-focused. The basic thought behind launching Hindi edition, is to serve the Hindi-speaking readers in small towns which have emerged as drivers of real estate growth in India. As such, there will be greater focus on Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cities, promising more action with wider, more enriching, more interesting, and insightful content.

I am sure, we will continue to get generous patronage from the real estate industry, property consumers and investors as we march ahead with our credo- ‘Being one helps everyone’.

Vinod Behl


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