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Criticize karna kitna aasan, na nafe ki chinta na nuksaan ka dhyan ( How easy it is to criticize. There is no worry thinking about gain or loss)

It is a human nature to criticize- one’s company, boss , colleagues and the entire work system. Most of the times criticism is a subconscious act. While indulging
in gossiping, we tend to speak ill will about others like a rein less horse.

We often crib that our employer company doesn’t think about the employees. Nor does it care about their healthcare or family welfare. Rather , it only looks at its own benefit. Critical of our boss, we would often say, ” Look at the boss- he comes in a Honda City, whenever he feels like, he goes on leave, comes to office at will. But he won’t spare us even for our small slips. He is very wicked”.

‘My colleague Ramesh is a snitcher. All the time he is busy buttering the boss and speaks ill of me. By pretending to be a bechara (a poor fellow), he takes advance salary and easily gets leave by making excuses”. We often criticize our colleagues.

Criticism takes most of our gossip time. When I look at my troubles, I think that may be knowingly or unknowingly I would have criticized someone. And it is because of this that I am facing troubles and simply do not know how to get over them .

Kaan pakde, mere pita ji ki tauba, mai na karunga apni baton se kisi ko pareshan aur aap bhi mat karna ( I hold my ears and repent I will never trouble anyone with my words. You should also not do it). Spoken words can not be taken back. Wise men say, Ek chup sau sukh’ ( silence is blissful) .

Whenever you speak, speak good. If you point a finger at someone, the thumb points back at you. We have always been hearing this. What we need is to adopt it in our day-today life.

By criticizing others, one may gain in the short run but there is a definite loss in the long run. So, why should we take to criticism . Ma ne kaha tha, ‘O, beta kabhi dil kisi ka na todo” (My mother had taught me, O son, never break anyone’s heart)

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