NAREDCO MAHI: New Chapter for women in Real Estate

Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh(Executive Director at World Trade Center) - September 19, 2021 - - 0 |
NAREDCO MAHI: New Chapter for women in Real Estate

Successful women inspire more successful women. “Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength”.

There’s a double standard that exists between men and women in leadership roles, especially in real estate. In this industry, you have to be an aggressive deal maker and tough negotiator. These traits are not considered feminine. Men who play this kind of hardball are considered strong and effective while women who do the same thing immediately get slapped with the “B word.” The other common challenge that women face is the fact that they’re almost always outnumbered at the senior level by their male counterparts. This can isolate women and make it harder to build good relationships, even when they have the confidence, knowledge, and background to be successful.

When men see an opportunity for advancement, most will throw their hat in the ring without second thoughts. But women tend to stand back and wait until they’re a little more prepared. It’s impossible to state all the reasons women still lag in senior positions, as those reasons are numerous. It may be partially because they haven’t had access to mentorship or an influence who could show them how this business works. Or, perhaps they haven’t seen enough other women in positions of leadership in real estate. The key to this is, is having more role models.

With the sector moving forward towards maturity and its threshold of accelerated growth, it is time that women in real estate sector come together: Create a strong Network, Collaborate, Enrich and Enable one another by sharing of experiences, harnessing of skills, draw on their resources, influence, grow together to bring lasting change. Women have to learn to trust themselves and dare to take chances, knowing that they have the skill sets to succeed in leadership roles.

MAHI, under the aegis of Ministry of Housing and  Urban Planning, is one-of-a-kind women exclusive forum/ platform/ network/ avenue which gives the stage directly to women in real estate. It is, as the phrase goes, a network of women, for women & by women. In MAHI, an enabling platform to learn and exchange ideas, a supportive network, An avenue to network and grow by providing the environment wherein more women in leadership roles in different segments of real estate would be seen and encouraged, to become better professionals and achievers in their respective segments of Real estate.

At MAHI, the thrust is on the much needed support mechanism for women with focus on Learning & Development, Well-being, and Policy & Advocacy. The sheer variety and bandwidth of the interventions mark the uniqueness of MAHI- right from programmes on Leadership & Mentorship personal effectiveness, Knowledge & Education, workshops to conclaves. MAHI will encourage this active engagement of members with other stakeholders in the sector and work towards the development and growth of the sector, with due recognition for the contribution of the women in the sector. The tangible and intangible impact that shall be created by the initiatives would be of immense value not only for the women, but for the society at large.

MAHI is on a quest, a goal, a mission. A mission to bring in women leaders of Real Estate together, to support women-owned businesses by empowering them, Impacting the lives of women, and to celebrate female leadership.

There is a need to see more women leaders in Real Estate, to inspire the next generation of female leaders and show more young people that women can be big powerhouse in themselves.

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