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Ananta Raghuvanshi(Founder & President, Naredco Mahi) - April 24, 2022 - - 0 |
Ananta Raghuvanshi

Realistically speaking, Realty has been relished by real women since prehistoric times.

“Cavemen went hunting and returned to rave.

Women enjoyed the Bonfires, charcoal wall art and barbecues in the cave.

Kings and knights went to fight.

Queens and ladies held the fort in palaces bright.

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes too end at happily ever after,

which means nesting begins soon after.”

Seriously, Real women and Real Estate are inseparable. In India, the Earth is worshipped in the feminine gender. We can not forget. Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of real estate in our day to day lives by redirecting our attention to the kind of home, office, shopping, recreation, or services we value. It has also allowed women to discover, explore, and venture seeking new professional horizons in this space.

Realty areas where women are preordained, designed and destined to excel. Yes, 20-21-22 and counting.

  1. Architecture: Being naturally gifted with an inherent sense of spatial understanding and creativity, women make amazing architects. They are creating functional, beautiful, and inviting spaces.
  2. Interior designing: Decorating, organizing, rearranging, improving, and changing are life long past times, which if channelized, can lead to feverish financial growth.
  3. Vastu: Believer or non-believer, everyone wishes to play safe when it comes to their loved ones. This ancient knowledge if acquired gives you a client base equal to the number of people moving homes and additionally, those who want to improve their quality of life.
  4. Landscaping: One of the most satisfying vocations with minimal investment and maximum return. It is creating something original for everyone irrespective of budget. For nature lovers, talented and women full of innovative ideas, this is a sky-high opportunity.
  5. Housekeeping services: Educational qualifications do not interfere in pursuing this part of the realty business, although hospitality experience is helpful. Cleanliness, orderliness, and organized personal spaces are paramount for today’s working couples. Professional support is welcome in metros particularly.
  6. Facilities management: A safe zone where any number of startups can be absorbed from security services, plumbing, electrical, grocery delivery, etc. Skill training is essential.
  7. Influencer: This is for the extroverts, popular, well-heeled, and with a solid network. Have fun, meet friends and by the way, give realty investment advice. If you can convince, you make big money, if not you still enjoy the experience.
  8. Brokerage: Those who are serious with long term goals. You need training, credibility, RERA certification, contracts with developers, knowledge of valuations, customer services, telemarketing, and most crucial buyer’s trust.
  9. Investment advice: Financial advisors can do forward integration of the existing investor’s portfolio comprising stocks, funds, bullion, rental assets, FD’s, etc. to realty asset creation. Wealth creation has long term, low-risk benefits.
  10. Writing: Realty news, data analysis, trends, research advisory blogs, etc. are an essential part of the fourth estate. Realty journalism changes fortunes. Richie Rollywood cannot be ignored going forward.
  11. Advertising: You may either start a specialized Realty advertising agency or work for a realty firm—one of the extremely, exciting, evolving areas to be. Social media and digital Analytics being a critical part of it.
  12. Events: Event management, whether virtual or physical, is essential for Realty liquidation. Interactions are known to fetch results. Just how interesting and innovative you can make it decides your level of success.
  13. Brand building:  Positioning has never been more critical. Since, these are not times of monopolies, finding the right niche for the segment you intend catering to is vital. Brand specialists are extremely sought after by Developers.
  14. Portfolio management: Property taxation planning and regular update is a specialized area. These services are required by big investors.
  15. Mortgages: Buyer and product are always separated by a financial gap that needs a bridge either as a long term loan or short term credit.
  16. Legal advisory: Will, agreements, due diligence, registration, drafting, reconciliation, etc. all need legal support. Property law is a super-specialized function. Women are doing exceedingly well.
  17. Hobby classes: Your natural talent and skills can open your window to a dream opportunity. Condominiums have clubs where hobby classes are a regular feature. Singing, dancing, storytelling, painting, theatre, yoga, baking, pottery, etc
  18. Tutor: Those who relish the joy of sharing knowledge, improving lives, and enhancing the academic skills of others from the comfort of your neighborhood.
  19. Food and catering: Minimum input, sky-high returns, limited investment, and overload of good wishes. Food can be handmade, and home-delivered,
  20. Mover and packer: If you are gifted with excellent administrative skills, this is an untapped opportunity.
  21. Scrap disposal: Needs no explanation. It also opens doors to the best out of waste activities, donations, and social service.
  22. Health and beauty: A whole generation believe in looking and feeling their best.Beauty services, Nursing, Masseuse, physiotherapy, etc. These are specialized functions, but the investment is minimal, and the training period is limited.

While the list is endless, we must never forget the innumerable women who tilled this ancient land and toiled at modern construction sites to make their ends meet.

What about 2020-21?

Vaccine cure worldwide being curated.

Subsequently, countries will be rated.

Realty recalibrated.

Real women will shine, not dated.

Stay safe.

Stay Home.

Can’t be built in a day.

Yeah, just like Rome.

And, then 2021-22?

“She is the Earth. She gives Birth

She is the Rain, washes away Pain.

Realty is Tortoise and Rabbit, Torbit?

Torbit wants to know, post-Covid hit.

What’s her kit, where does she fit?

Job? She lost it, face still brightly lit.

She didn’t quit.

She’s not going to sit.

Not easily hurt or hit,

She’s not digging a pit.

It’s a foundation built on intuition, wisdom, and wit.

The swarms come flying tightly knit.

To claim lands, fields, cities, their bit. 

Are you change-ready?

To Welcome it.

Revolutionizing Realty,  Torbit!

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