Realty Job- Passion or Fashion?

Ananta Raghuvanshi(Founder & President, Naredco Mahi) - January 01, 2023 - - 0 |
Realty Job- Passion or Fashion?

Each year hundreds of new recruits jump out of B schools, into the Realty bandwagon.  Some are super stoked probably by the glitter and glamour,  of well-stitched suits, luxury laptop bags, the latest mobile phones, SUVs, classy homes that look like resorts, and even more amazing workplaces. Some join to make a serious difference and visible impact,  in their organization and the industry, with their creativity and desire to execute.

The instantaneous announcements on linked in, further add to the bragging rights to fellow classmates and extended family, not to mention appeal to prospective suitors. The performance-linked incentives give the need for thrill and adrenaline rush and holidays are really not needed for now for some. “ Settled, Boss! Sorted! “

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A question that they were asked and was answered in earnest undoubtedly. If a study is conducted, my hunch is that only five out of a hundred are still committed, and proved themselves, to be worth their salt after five years, and probably two after ten years.

  • Why such a dismal state?
  • Where did the others go and why?
  • What can leaders do to improve this?
  • What must the new hires know?
  • Where are we going wrong?
  • How did the stars survive and thrive?

Sharing 22 random thoughts in anticipation of the year 23 rising soon.

Optimism and dreams are the keys to actualization. I hope we don’t face talent desertion,  in the future, because the stage was not set with the right lighting.

1. When the mud was thrown at them, they took a shower and showed up. Self-motivated.

2. When awards, garlands, and international tours happened, they used their head and were indifferent to fleeting magic. Stable.

3. Prepared for the worst but,  always donning a winner’s hat. Strategist.

4. Respect experience and ask when in doubt. Humility.

5. Make friends, not gangs. Confident.

6. Never anti-establishment or anti-authority. Trustworthy.

7. Focused on goals, not individuals. Hard work cannot be compromised. Driven.

8. Gossip definitely comes back to bite. Never. Never.Never.  Never gossip. Tattlers are the weakest professional. Dignified.

9. Speak your mind fearlessly and keep the communication content totally professional. Sensitive.

10. If expectations are not met, introspection, improvement, and requests for feedback. Flexible.

11. Keep your critics close, they benefit you the most. Maturity.

12. Healthy eating habits, sleep patterns, relationships, and hobbies. Ideally, one hobby which helps you physically and one emotionally. Disciplined.

13. Time management. Don’t waste your life. Every nanosecond matters. You have enough time for everything productive. Meticulous.

14. Help everyone. It will push you higher emotionally and spiritually too. Teamwork

15. Winners don’t make suggestions that they have no intention of following through. Character.

16. List your priorities and review weekly to stay on track. Dedication.

17. Learning via networking. Relevant industry forums are not to be ignored. Ambitious. Of course, easier said than done. The final and most important.

18. Accept responsibility. Integrity.

19. Know your subject. Competence

20. Deal with stress. Don’t let stress deal with you. Leadership.

21. Smile with your eyes. Charismatic.

22. You watch waves and visit mountains because smooth roads can be boring too. Change is good. Courage.

Realty Rocks – Join. Stay. Don’t give up.

Passion ka hai yeh Jalwa!

Will be delighted if readers could share experiences so that our  Next Gen steers clear of the pitfalls.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2023.

Dr. Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi

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