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Towards Empowered Real Estate With Right to Excellence

Mapping the future trajectory of real estate, Housing.com, India’s leading digital real-estate platform in collaboration with The Times of India, presented the ‘Right To Excellence – Real Estate Summit’ in Gurgaon on March 15, 2024. This groundbreaking summit delved into future-ready empowered real estate through realty regulation and adoption of cutting edge technology.

Featuring a rich lineup of insightful keynote addresses, fireside chats, and panel discussions, the summit covered diverse topics to unravel the latest innovations in housing, the surge of co-living and co-working spaces, and the future of urban planning.

Kicking off the summit was a fireside chat titled “Financial Frontiers: Exploring REA India’s Vision,” featuring Vikas Wadhawan, Chief Financial Officer of REA India & Business Head of Proptiger, and Amit Masaldan, Chief Revenue Officer of Housing.com. Amit Masaldan opined that through strategic tech adoption , we can bring greater clarity and trust to the market, empowering customers with informed decision making .The integration of AI and ML holds immense potential in reshaping the customer experience . By harnessing these advanced technologies, we can personalize services , elevating satisfaction levels of customers. As we look ahead, the role of proptech will continue to be instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency to capitalize on opportunities and to sustain the growth momentum in the real estate sector. Vikas Wadhawan, CFO REA India and Business Head, Proptiger.com added that  from revolutionizing the search and discovery process to streamlining transactions and enhancing tech adoption in the construction life cycle, technology holds the key to unlocking new efficiencies and opportunities. Embracing automation and streamlining the transactions on the back of digital adoption is paramount to promoting transparency  and instilling trust among stakeholders.

Panel discussion on “Co-living and Co-working: Redefining Spaces,” featured Nayan Raheja, Director of Raheja Developers Limited, and Shabbir Kanchwala, Principal of Global Network for Zero, discussing innovative approaches to shared living and working spaces. The  Fireside Chat 2, “Navigating Legal Dynamics: Recent Developments in Real Estate in India,” featured  Avishkar Singhvi,  Supreme Court advocate, in conversation with Pankaj Doval, National Editor of The Times of India.Panel Discussion-2 touched upon Tech Trends : Innovations in Real Estate with Ashish Kukreja, CEO of Homesfy . Fireside-3 on “Blueprints of Tomorrow : A Dialogue with Visionary Architect” featuring  Chandrashekhar Prabhu, Urban Planner & Architect. The Panel Discussion  3, focusing on “Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development,” featured Prof. Saswat Bandyopadhyay, Project Director at the Centre of Urban Planning and Policy (CUPP), CEPT Research & Development Foundation & Professor at CEPT University.

NARVIGATE 2024 : Transforming Realtors’ Landscape

NARVIGATE 2024 , the mega event of NAR India, the premier national body of realtors, was a transformative event for hundreds of realtors who converged in Goa for this immersive experience. The 3-day  international event from February 29- March 2, held in Goa attracted large numbers of real estate professionals, visionaries, thought leaders and industry experts from across the country and the globe.

Esteemed figures from the government, regulatory bodies and the real estate industry got together to delibrate on current and future trends  in the Indian real estate sector. The major highlight of the event was the opening day conclave on Industrial Real Estate and Retail sectors. Industry visionaries converged to discuss the latest trends, sharing insights for shaping the future of business spaces. On the last two days of the conclave, there were insightful sessions on green sustainable developments, smart cities, RERA, global business opportunities with international realtors, importance of establishing a strong channel partner network and new business avenues in realty.

According to Amit Chopra, the newly elected President of NAR India, the summit was successful in driving excellence for brokers, developers, landlords, investors and bankers in the dynamic landscape of Indian real estate. Sumanth Reddy, the newly elected Chairman , NARVIGATE fostered an environment of learning, collaboration and innovation, offering diverse perspectives and profound insights into the challenges and opportunities , shaping the future of real estate.

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