Transforming Cement Landscape to Positively Impact Real Estate & Infrastructure

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Cement is vital to  real estate

Amandeep Singh, SVP, Moglix

Cement is vital to  real estate , housing and infrastructure sectors to drive the overall economic growth of the country. With the market evolving constantly, there are some major challenges plaguing the industry especially procurement landscape. These challenges require innovative solutions to drive efficiency and profitability of the cement  industry, in turn positively impacting the real estate and infrastructure sectors.

With no standardized procurement process, and each plant having its own set of suppliers, a fragmented supplier base leads to non-standardization in quality, price, and delivery, which results in higher rejection rates and an increase in tail-end spend.The decentralized procurement process means each plant has its own procurement team which negotiates prices and delivery schedules with the suppliers . This leads to inconsistency in pricing and delivery schedules , making it difficult to manage costs and plan production schedules. The absence of a standardized process for capturing data leads to a lack of key data and information metrics. As decision-makers are not empowered to draw purchase analytics, it leads to a lack of visibility into the procurement process, making it difficult to identify areas for improvement and optimize costs.

A decentralized procurement process for each plant leads to non-standardized contracts . This can lead to non-adherence to contractual obligations, which can result in the termination of contracts and loss of revenue.

Having identified the major business challenges faced by the cement industry, it is imperative to explore solutions that can address them effectively. With a commitment to providing end-to-end procurement solutions, Moglix has developed a comprehensive digital procurement platform, a one-stop solution that can help the cement industry tackle these challenges.

The procurement process in the cement industry can often be time and cost intensive with challenges like how to choose the best vendor and supplies at best price . Platforms like ours helps streamline procurement process to optimize procurement spends and standardized quality , price and delivery across locations. The number of tangible and intangible benefits make a huge difference to topline and bottomline of the companies.

Digital platforms like Moglix address operational business challenges , helping optimize costs , improve productivity and increase revenue, thereby having a positive impact on the growth of real estate, housing and infrastructure sector.


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