World’s Largest Office Building is Here!

Torbit - September 03, 2023 - - 0 |
The World's Largest Office Building is Here!

As Indian real estate makes strides on the global front, the country has achieved the distinction of housing the largest office building- Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB).

SDB , spread over 66 lakh square feet at Diamond Research and Mercantile City, according to its designer, Delhi-based Morphogenesis, is bigger than the biggest office space in the world- a building housing the offices of Pentagon in the United States. Planned to expand and shift the diamond trading business from Mumbai to Surat, the hub of cutting and polishing diamonds, SDB will serve as a hub for trade innovation and collaboration.

Built at a cost of Rs 3200 crore , SDB houses over  4200 offices . The bourse has nine towers , each with ground plus 15 floors. All diamond- related activities  and infrastructure such as sale of rough diamonds , software used in diamond planning , diamond certification firms, lab-grown diamonds etc will be available in the bourse. Besides, there will be about two dozen outlets of diamond jewellery for international and national buyers.

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