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” Kitne door theiy, phir bhi kitne paas  Aur ab kitne paas hain, phir bhi kitne door Wah Re social media ”            

(Despite being physically distanced, we were too close to each other and now despite being physically close, we are too far. Wow, social media! )

Those were the days when there was no mobile, no internet, no Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. We hostelers at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla were living miles apart from our parents and families, In the evening class, once in 14 days, we used to have a special class in which the class teacher would write down a ‘letter’ on the blackboard. Each one of us was handed over a blue-color inland letter with a 25 paise stamp affixed on it. Each of the the student in the class would copy the content of the letter from the black board on their respective inland letters. The only difference being that some of us would address the letter as ‘Dear Papa’ while others would address it as ‘Dear Mumma’. All of us used to eagerly look forward to that special class.

Once in a year when our parents used to come to meet us, at the time of parting, we and our mothers would cry. Though throughout the year  we were physically far from each other  yet by heart we were so close. Now a days, every morning, we talk on Face Time, exchange messages on WhatsApp or simply see our children on ‘Reel’ or ‘Facebook’ and feel happy that they are in Mt Titlis in Switzerland etc. Visually, it appears that they are simply with us but actually they are too far-in terms of both physical distance and distance between hearts.

Once I heard that two friends went for a Sunday lunch. But while sitting in front of each other , they were talking through WhatsApp. How near and yet how far ! The other day I heard Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Corporation saying, ” The past 50 years were ruled by internet but the next 50 years will be governed by human relation , human emotion and human connect”. I couldn’t agree more with him.

Those were great times meeting people (family members, relations and friends)- embracing and hugging each other, having fun together- celebrating festivals together and   sharing happiness and sorrow together. All this was our mutual strength and will remain so.

Make the most of social media for business and professional purposes. Not for conveying to your dear ones that you are too close to them, miss them and care for them. If you truly have those feelings for your dear ones, look for ways to meet them.

So, think how despite being physically distanced, you can stay close to your dear ones.

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