My Inner Voice 3march 2024

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Yaroon dosti badi haseen hai !

 Naughty Me & My Gang of Friends!

An incident dating back to 1984 comes to my mind. I was then a Class X student in Holy Child School. In our biology lab, a human skeleton was placed to show the body parts. One day , one of us placed a chalk coloured orange at the tip (to make it look like a cigarette) in between the teeth of the skeleton. Following this, our school principal  Mr  Bertilla summoned the entire class in the basketball field and questioned as to  who had committed the mischief. We all knew the culprit but none uttered a word. Upon this, the principal ordered that nobody would attend the class till the guilty person was identified. . Two weeks in a row, we would go to the school, sit on the stairs of the basketball field during school hours and go back home.No one divulged the name until one day our mischievous friend, the culprit of the questionable act voluntarily came forward  admitting his mistake and all of us were pardoned.

Then there’s this incident of Hindu College Sonepat when I was in class 11th . Our gang of friends was sitting in the central park of the campus when we spotted Ghanpat, a dumb college  clerk walking in the corridor. He would always threaten us that he would report our mischief to the principal. I insinuated the gang members that they  call out Ghanpat as loud as possible and then maintain complete silence. We did it three times. Ghanpat reported the matter to the Vice Principal and as usual we all were summoned and told to name the person behind this mischievous act.As nobody told any name, we were given two hours ultimatum to name the culprit or else  face expulsion from the college. Finally I walked up and voluntarily surrendered though all the friends stood together.

Yeh na ho to bolo kya yeh phir zindagi hai

Tribute to all my friends. God bless all of you wherever you are- you live in my memories and I love you all.

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