Why Should You Invest in a Pune Real Estate Market?

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Gunjan Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developments

 Pune  is currently a thriving metropolis of Maharashtra  and rising as a premier location for real estate investment. Most of the investors consider Pune as one of the most profitable and viable locations to invest in residential real estate.

Pune has always been Mumbai’s reasonable and affordable replacement and its  housing market has shown consistent growth. Considered as one of India’s most livable cities, Pune is the best place for property speculation because of its low property costs. Less expensive expenses and moderation are the main reasons why now people are seeking interest in Pune as a rewarding option.

Having  a calm and peaceful climate with excellent transportation that provides seamless connectivity to any district of the city in almost no time, Pune makes a good choice for propertyinvestment . The city provides an exceptional opportunity to invest in both residential and commercial real estate. Development expectations for upcoming new areas are significantly higher than those for the city’s focal point.

Strategic location and  a well developed social infrastructure with schools, colleges, hospitals medical facilities,  retail avenues and developed employment hubs with the presence of multinational companies  make for highly favourable parameters for a desirable city to live and work . With a lush green landscape,  Pune has emerged as a  bustling IT centre. In fact, the city is the second largest growing IT hub in India after Bangalore.

Pune is still developing, so this is high time to invest as properties are still affordable and your investment is going to be multiplied over the years. Besides, it can fetch you good and stable monthly rental income. And because of high asset value, you can fall back on your property during times of high inflation. Moreover, for those buying residential property for self-use, Pune’s abundance of natural beauty will let your family breathe in some fresh air. You will enjoy all the urban facilities in the countryside setting.

Pune is a less populous metropolis than other major ones and  is today thriving in the IT and education sectors after gradually releasing its full economic potential.There is currently a rise in the real estate prices in Pune . There are a number of projects, well-suited for the mid and high-level investments, especially in areas that are home to several corporations and educational institutions.

Real estate has no insurmountable financial obstacles and is simple to finance, easy to purchase, offers tax benefits, improves lifestyle, and gives tax advantages.Moreover, real estate is still among the best investment options today as it is simple to finance, easy to purchase , upgrades lifestyle and provides tax advantage.


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